Who We Are

COBIA Advanced Lighting is a family-owned, US-based LED lighting fixture manufacturer and distributor for commercial, institutional, industrial, and retail applications. Founded in 2016, we are new to the US market but not new to the LED industry. Through our partnership with Brightlux Advanced Lighting, we have an established team of engineers and lighting designers with over 10 years of experience in the LED lighting industry, who understand the commitment and values necessary to foster loyal, long lasting partnerships.

Founded on integrity and craftsmanship, we work for the professionals who design and deliver end-user lighting systems, and for the people who inhabit those spaces. In addition to the standard products shown on this website, we also specialize in custom design and manufacturing for various types of unique applications.

Our Mission

To help reduce your carbon footprint by providing the highest quality, energy efficient LED lighting at the most affordable prices on the market today.

Our Values

At COBIA, our commitment is quality and affordability. We champion these ideals by ensuring we engineer the most energy efficient, highest quality LED products in today’s marketplace at the most affordable prices. Our missional goal is to reduce our global carbon footprint, and this should not come at a steep cost to our customers. By controlling our supply chain from design, manufacturing, importation, and distribution we ensure we not only maintain our quality but also that we are procuring the best materials at the most competitive prices. This ensures you always receive a world class product that reduces your energy consumption, without breaking the bank.

COBIA operates on this missional goal and has done so on a global scale through our partnership with Brightlux of Brazil. This partnership has allowed us to bring some industry changing products to a highly competitive market and service some of the world’s most well known global brands. We are proud that the work we accomplish day in and day out will have a positive impact on the world we are leaving for our future generations.

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