Who We Work With
Architects and Designers who must balance aesthetics, functionality, along with environmental and economic requirements, while seeking lighting solutions that enhance their designed environments.
Builders and Electricians who need knowledgeable partners on project collaborations.
Owners and Tenants who are looking for affordable LED lighting solutions that fit their budget.

Our Services

Lighting Audits

The first step to a successful lighting upgrade is a lighting survey or audit. In this stage, which is essential to proper planning, we gather and organize general information (floor plans or reflected ceiling plans that show fixture locations and room dimensions, energy cost, lighting usage, etc.) about the existing lighting system and how it is used. We use this information to recommend LED systems for retrofit or replacement, and estimate your monthly energy savings and project return on investment.

Project Design Consultation

We engineer every stage of design and manufacturing on our products, understanding details and best practices for the correct product and/or application. Our team of engineers are ready and capable to assist at any stage of project design development to ensure you are choosing the right lighting application for your project.

Custom Luminaire Design

In addition to our stock products, we offer options for custom fixtures or modified designs from your conceptual drawings. Our expertise and flexible manufacturing facility allows us to fabricate a variety of lighting parts & systems efficiently, insuring your project stays within budget. Our ability to quickly modify products to your specifications is a key ingredient to building lasting relationships with architects, engineers and designers. Our prototyping capabilities and flexible manufacturing processes allow us to meet the needs of each individual customer.

Building Retrofit

Many of our stock products are ideal LED retrofit solutions. Contact us today to see how we can assist in converting your inefficient, traditional lighting system to an energy efficient, cost saving LED system today!